About the camp

Sport Kids Camp is a newly established concept of sports suburban camps and overnight camps for children aged 6-14 years old, which focuses on sports, but also on the personal growth of children.

We put emphasis on the sport and personal development of children, which is adapted to the program of each camp, which combines sports training with activities for the development of the child's personality. All children at the camp are encouraged to be independent, responsible and teamwork through games, competitions and the most interesting additional activities, which are provided by licensed coaches specializing in individual sports.

The main goal of our coaches is to awaken in the children the greatest possible love of sport, enthusiasm for movement and motivation to improve. If you have an enthusiastic athlete at home who is constantly on the move, Sport Kids Camp is the right choice for their continued athletic and personal development.

At the camps, we focus on a rich sports program in the form of a variety of team sports as well as individual sports such as floorball, soccer, handball, basketball, athletics, gymnastics, martial arts, climbing, swimming, and even horseback riding. We are also dedicated to quality nutrition, which is essential for all successful athletes. We provide healthy snacks for the children along with main meals and drinks on each day of camp.

Upcoming events

You can now register your little athlete for one of our events.

15. 7. - 19. 7. 2024 @ ZŠ NOVÝ PORG

Suburban Sport Kids Camp - ZŠ NOVÝ PORG, Prague 4 - Krč 15.-19. July 2024

22. 7. - 26. 7. 2024 @ ZŠ NOVÝ PORG

Suburban Sport Kids Camp - ZŠ NOVÝ PORG, Prague 4 - Krč 22.-26. July 2024

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