Take a look at the programme of our camps.

Suburban camps

See how the suburban camps are run.


7:45 - 8:30 - arrival of children every day

9:00 - morning sports program

10:30 - morning snack

11:00 - additional team activities

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - lunchtime rest

15:00 - afternoon sports programme

16:30 - afternoon snack

17:00 - handover of children to parents

We will start the first day by introducing the coaches and camp leaders, and we will also set the rules of the camp together. After the initial split into groups, we will have an introduction between each group of kids, we want everyone to feel comfortable at camp so we can create a great group that will work together and pull together. On the first day, we will also break into individual teams that will compete against each other in an all-camp game where the kids will have sports as well as non-sports activities. Who can work best in a team and who has a high logical thinking ability? We'll find out on the last day of camp when the all-camp game will be announced!

Camps with accommodation

See how the camp with accommodation at OPEN GATE SCHOOL works.


Upon arrival of all participants, which is scheduled for 11:00 am, we will have an orientation with the coaches and camp counselors, followed by an introduction to the camp rules, and then a great lunch right in the Open Gate School cafeteria where we will eat all week. Lunch is followed by check-in and assignment to rooms, which are always four athletes each. Each room is divided into two separate rooms, which always have two beds, with a shared bathroom and toilet in the middle.

After checking in, the first group program follows, which is prepared for each age group so that all participants enjoy the camp. We dedicate the first block of the camp to getting to know each child and introducing them to each other, we want everyone to feel comfortable at the camp and we have created a great group.

After the introductory program at the individual sports fields, we will take a short break for dinner and then we will have an evening program, which is used to divide the kids into teams to compete in an all-camp game. Each team will create their own name, mascot and create a scoring board which they will then post in the common room. Coaches will also explain the rules of the all-camp game to the children, which also emphasizes behavior, independence and team spirit. At the end of the camp, we will have an announcement of this all-camp game for valuable prizes.


The first day was dedicated to getting acquainted and now we can start playing sports! Below you will find the programme of the model day.

7:30 - wake-up call

7:40 - warm-up and hygiene

8:00 - breakfast

9:00 - morning sports programme

10:30 - morning snack

11:00 - morning team activities

12:30 - lunch

13:00 - lunchtime rest

14:00 - afternoon snack

14:30 - afternoon sports programme

17:00 - dinner

18:00 - evening team activities

20:00 - second dinner

20:30 - hygiene

21:00 curfew

All programs emphasize play and development for all camp participants. The sports program is tailored to each age group so that everyone feels comfortable and has room for improvement and further sports development.

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