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Read about the coaches who develop young athletes at Sport Kids Camp.

Daniel Wertheim, 28 years old

Daniel Wertheim started organizing sports activities for children at the age of 17, when he founded the first floorball club in Prague, Libuš, under the banner of Czech FB Facility, z.s. Currently, he organizes floorball activities in fifteen Prague primary schools, and he is also the marketing manager of the AC Sparta Prague floorball club, where he organizes sports events for children and organizes home games of the Sparta Super League "A" team. "We wanted to create a new environment where children would feel good and have the opportunity for further sports and personal growth, so we came up with the project of suburban camps Sport Kids Camp in cooperation with primary schools, which is here for all children who like sports and enjoy movement."

Václav Hvízdal, 26 years old

Václav Hvízdal has been involved in youth sports education since 2016. Currently, he organizes floorball activities in primary schools and his work contributes to the preparation of all Sport Kids Camps. In addition to floorball, Václav has a positive relationship with many other sports, and he himself is actively involved in football in the jersey of Dolní Břežany, where he also coaches youth. Václav's favorite thing about working with children is the positive atmosphere in which our events take place.

Martin Šaššák, 28 years old

Martin Šaššák focuses on swimming in the Sport Kids Camp team. He specializes in teaching basic swimming skills and sports swimming training. He focuses on categories ranging from the smallest non-swimmers (from 5 years old) to experienced adults. He has many years of experience working in the PORTHOS swimming club, especially in the area of coaching pentathlon. He also works as a fitness coach within the project swimkytrenink.cz

Martin is currently pursuing a career in biomedical engineering. This makes it possible to combine his expertise in the medical field and the didactics of sports training.

Barbora Večlová, 25 years old

Barbora Večlová has been involved in sports education for children and young people since 2016, when she started working as a camp leader who can create the right friendly atmosphere among children. Bára played tennis at a competitive level in the past and remains active in sports today. In her free time she runs or skates. Sport Kids Camp is the perfect combination of two things Bára loves - sport and fun. Among other things, Bára is successfully studying sport management at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University, so she tries to look at Sport Kids Camp from this perspective as well.

Štěpánka Karasová, 23 years old

Štěpánka studies sports marketing at the University of Economics, has been actively involved in sports cheerleading since she was 4 years old and is part of the Czech national team. Since 2016 she has been a coach of elite teams in the Prague Eagles Cheerleaders club. At the same time she played basketball, which she still plays in her free time.

Štěpánka goes to the Sport Kids Camp as a medical assistant. She has a lot of experience with the role of a medic, especially from floorball and cheerleading camps.

Veronika Žáčková, 27 years old

Verča Žáčková has been working on children's sports development since 2011 and was at the origin of the idea of establishing Sport Kids Camps. She has celebrated title successes in her sports career and, in addition to her lecturing activities, she has been a member of elite dance and archery teams. However, after some time she began to feel that she did not want to pursue the performance direction any further and did not want to primarily guide her charges in this way either. So now she focuses mainly on personal development of children, team coaching and sports psychology, which she herself has been trained in. Her goal is to educate athletes in the true spirit of fair play, teamwork and character traits. However, she still maintains her love for movement and is an active athlete, practicing running, fitness, tennis and fitboxing, among others. During the camps you will usually see her involved in administrative activities, leading dance classes, zumba, aqua aerobics, as well as fitness training and more.

Petr Brautferger, 25 years old

Petr started playing active sports at a young age, starting with football and tennis, and since the age of eight he has focused mainly on floorball. He played for three teams in the Czech Republic and tried out for a year in Switzerland. So far, his biggest floorball success is his participation and winning a bronze medal at the World Under-19 Floorball Championships. Since 2017, he has also been coaching children, especially in terms of floorball, teamwork and personality, where he has a lot of experience.

Matěj Čermák, 21 years old

Matěj has been playing sports since he was a child, through hockey, football, athletics and tennis. At the age of twelve, he finally decided to play floorball, which he has been playing at the highest level in Sparta Prague ever since. Among his greatest achievements is winning the final of the Junior World Championship, Matěj even decided the final with a goal 2 minutes before the end of the match. He has also been coaching children for over two years, passing on his experience and having a lot of fun with them.

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