Two summer sessions are now a thing of the past, with 112 little athletes engaging in sports in Prague 4!

The first and second sessions of Sport Kids Camp 2020 took place from July 13th to 17th and from July 20th to 24th. In total, 112 young athletes participated in sports activities in Prague 4, embarking on a five-day journey of sports.

Over the course of the five-day camp, children had the opportunity to try out several sports. Floorball took place in the main hall, while outdoor fields were set up for football, basketball, and the most popular outdoor spot, a sandy beach volleyball court.

In the gymnasiums, various physical activities took place, including obstacle courses, gymnastics, and a special segment in the form of street dance. During this segment, music echoed through the entire gym, and especially the girls enjoyed dancing with instructor Veronika Žáčková.

For two days, climbing activities took place, and instructor Denisa Kocvárová joined the camp to teach children how to climb on the climbing wall. Almost all the athletes successfully climbed a wall longer than 10 meters!

Throughout the entire camp, children enjoyed a diverse diet. Two snacks were provided for the children each day, consisting of fruit and tasty bars. The main meal always comprised a healthy lunch rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Hydration was also ensured by our partner, Penco s.r.o., taking care of the drinking regime

Thanks to the feedback from parents and children, we are convinced that the children thoroughly enjoyed their sports week, just like their coaches and instructors. Last but not least, we must express our gratitude to the management of Elementary School Nový PORG for providing such a beautiful facility, perfectly suited for the sports and personal growth of children. We are already preparing for additional sports events for children, and we will keep you informed here on the website and on social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram.

The link to the video from the 1st and 2nd sessions can be found HERE.

We appreciate the support from the Prague 1 municipal district and the Prague - Libuš municipal district for endorsing this sports event for children.


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